Monday, September 17, 2007

Make way for these hotsteppers

Make way for these hotsteppers

We've known it for quite some time. And now it is official. Cameron Diaz has topped a new list of best-dressed females celebrities compiled by People magazine. The rest of the ladies that make up the list were not bad, either. Take a look...

Beyonce Knowles

'Bootylicious' singer Beyonce Knowles comes a close second. This Destiny Child front woman looks yummy even in sackcloth, what say? Of course, 50 cent may not agree.

Katie Holmes

Sigh. Some people have it all -- youth, looks, yummy hubby and cute baby to boot. And now, this Dawson's Creek star the third best dressed celeb according to the 'People'.

Penelope Cruz

This Woman on Top star is the epitome of style. And she can't go wrong with a face and a body like that.

Jessica Biel

Number five in the list. Not bad. This former fashion model is really quite a 'Summer Catch'!

Drew Barrymore

Her love life maybe in shambles but her dressing is not. A vast improvement from her Posion Ivy wild days.

Jennifer Lopez

She tops the list for her, um, other 'assets'. But here she must make do with seven. Not bad for a kid from the Bronx, right?

Reese Witherspoon

She has it all. Mind, body and great fashion sense! She is also another mommy after Katie to make it to the list. Way to go, blondie!

Gwen Stefani

The mommy list keeps growing, it seems. The singer has a very contemporary sense of style which manages to look hip. 'No Doubt' about it!

Ali Larter

Her film, Marigold, with our own Bollywood hunk Salman Khan may have bombed, but not her fashion sense as this 'Hero' winds up this list.


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