Sunday, August 17, 2008

BB housemates chew over Roman task

BB housemates chew over Roman task
Big brother housemates have been told to create Roman Mosaics - from masticated bubble gumAs new head of house, Rex does not have to take part in the task, which sees pairs of housemates making the mosaics in his image.

The 24-year-old Londoner will decide on the winning partnership, who will receive a special prize.

The chef and socialite, who sites food and money as his chief interests, informed his fellow housemates: "A mosaic is a picture made up of fragments."

As the task got under way he shouted "Hail Reximus!" to the toga-wearing contestants.

Earlier on day 74 Rex took to the diary room to complain about his 19-year-old student girlfriend Nicole.

"She's struggling in here," he said. "I don't think sticking so close to me is the best thing."

Former gang member Darnell, 26, had his own complaint for Big Brother. "All I've found out is that everyone in the world seems to be better looking that me," he confessed in the diary room.

"None of the girls have fancied me in here so how can I expect any of the women on the outside to like me?

"What the hell is good about me? Nothing."


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