Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jolie-Pitt Family Bicycle Outing

Jolie-Pitt Family Bicycle Outing

After having so much fun bicycling on Brad's birthday earlier in the week, the Jolie-Pitt clan couldn't help but go out for round two this weekend. Angelina Jolie and her man took the kids for a bike ride in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. And this time, Shiloh got to join in on the fun, too - taking over the seat behind her mom, which was previously occupied by Zahara. According to sources on the scene, "The couple started off down their street when the chain on Angelina's bike broke and her assistant had to come to her rescue to repair the bike and then help her to get started again. Brad just chuckled about the incident." Besides getting in quality family time, the Mr and Mrs Smith co-stars fit in an appearance on Saturday at an event to "help The Children's Health Fund focus attention on the more than 46-thousand children still displaced two and a-half years after hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed their homes." At the event, Jolie told that in her travels she has "seen many children who feel defeated. The difference in New Orleans," she says, "is that the children are feisty, fun and full of pride.'' Angelina adds, "It's that kind of spirit that will help everyone get through this.''


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