Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Was everything on Bigg Boss staged?

Was everything on Bigg Boss staged?

Kashmera Shah recently, in an interview to a magazine, has claimed that that contestants on the reality show Bigg Boss were asked to play roles.

According to Kashmera, Rakhi was the comedian, Aryan Vaid was the stud, Rupali Ganguly was the crybaby and she, the bitch.

She said she didn’t really like what she was doing but had no choice because of her bad financial condition. “I know people were wondering why I was behaving like that. But that’s what I was paid for. I went so many times in that confession room and cried. It’s so bad to play the vamp in real life. It destroys you completely as a person. People have to understand now that at that time I had no money and no career,” she was quoted as saying in the interview.

So what do her fellow contestants have to say about her shocking revelations?

Says Aryan Vaid, “Did Kashmera really say we were asked to play roles on Bigg Boss ? She’s a dear friend and I messaged her when she was eliminated from Nach Baliye 3 . Poor thing. Maybe the elimination has hit her harder than it should have. But I must say I really can’t understand why she’s talking like this! We were never asked to play any role at all. I was doing whatever came naturally to me. The truth is that none of us was given any instructions. I don’t know why she has suddenly decided to badmouth the show at this stage. As far as I’m concerned, I got tremendous popularity because of my presence on the show, and loads of offers specially on television.”

Another Bigg Boss contestant Ravi Kissen, is even more vocal in his disapproval of Kashmera’s claims. “She’s talking rubbish. None of us was ever given any role to play. Ravi Kissen was Ravi Kissen on the show. I even broke the camera and staged a walk-out during Bigg Boss . Is she suggesting all that was planned? What nonsense! I think she’s doing it for the headline.”

Adds Anupama Verma, “What Kashmera is saying is untrue. As far as I know everyone was being his or her real self on the reality show. At least I was being my real self.”

But the most vocal opponent of Kashmera’s contention is the ever-colourful Rakhi Sawant. “Kashmera is such a liar! What is she talking about? At Bigg Boss we were all reacting to a situation none of us had faced before. I was made to cook in the kitchen and clean underwears. The superstar of Bihar Ravi Kissan was made to do household chores. We were all locked away for months together with no scope for any interaction with the outside world. Where was the scope for acting here?”

Pausing for breath, Rakhi continues. “This is all naatak to gain mileage and sympathy. Kashmera should not try to grab attention by talking against a show that changed all our lives. Today whatever fame I have is because of Bigg Boss . I still remember my birthday with Bigg Boss last year, Nov 25. I wonder if this year anyone will remember my birthday. I owe my success to only two sources, God and Bigg Boss . As for Kashmera, I haven’t come across a bigger liar.”


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