Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Neseer tabu to shaer screen space

Neseer tabu to shaer screen space

After a long silence, Deepak Tijori will soon be announcing a new venture starring Naseeruddin Shah and Tabu.

So can we expect some serious drama from him? “Please! Why do you presume it’s parallel cinema when one casts Naseerbhai and Tabu? Especially in today’s time when actors are willing to do what they’ve never done before?” asks Deepak.

There’s nothing like experimental or parallel cinema anymore. And for the record, I’m not making any art film, it’s purely commercial,” he adds. So what’s the status of the film so far? “I’ve had meetings with Naseerbhai and Tabu, and they’ve agreed to be a part of the film.

There’s one more actor to be finalised,” With such senior actors, this ain’t going to be any Tom, Dick & Harry. Right, Deepak?


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