Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Milind's Pyaar ka superhit formula

Milind's Pyaar ka superhit formula

Ask Milind why he has been sporting the same look for almost two years now.

He flicks a strand of hair back and adds lazily, “I had grown my hair long for a film but I liked the look and decided to sport it. And the beard of course complements the hairdo. I have often been told that long hair for guys is not really the in thing but then I have never stuck to the fashion fundas. I do what I like.”

This hunk, who has girls drooling over him, has found a critic in his better half Mylene Jampanoi.

He quips, “She has incredibly good taste when it comes to clothing. Merely by looking at a piece of cloth, she decides whether it will be a good choice for a particular outfit or not. And that’s the reason why she is always commenting on how badly and carelessly dressed I am.”

But Milind does try hard to please his lady love. “That’s true. When I am in India, I wear shirts and denims. But when I am with Mylene, I dress in these finely cut jackets and well fitting clothes, nothing casual would do in her presence,” he quips.

Any plans to settle together? “She has her work in France and can’t settle here for good.” And how does the couple make time for each other? “To ensure greater proximity, we have changed a rule of our marital life. Earlier we would meet at least once every 45 days but we figured out that we miss being together, so we have lowered the limit to 30 days now.”


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