Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lindsay Lohan’s Post Rehab Success

Judging from appearance alone, Lindsay Lohan is looking more and more like a possible rehab success story.

Wearing a clingy grey dress, along with a scarf and jacket, the Mean Girls actress spent Thursday shopping in Beverly Hills and taking in a movie at the ArcLight theaters.

The following day, wearing an all black ensemble, LiLo decided to spend some time out with her gal pals to a show in Pasadena - staying clean and sober the whole night through.

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan, has been defending the sincerity of his religious convictions.

Michael told press: “I’ve had such an effect on my family and my daughter Lindsay, and I want to show them through my example that you can right the wrongs and turn it around. And I hope that the grace that has been given to me can work through my family, and that we can come back to that same place in our hearts.”

Luckily for Michael, it looks like that grace may just be working through Lindsay right now.


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