Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Krystle is 'konfident'!

Krystle is ‘konfident’!

She loves hanging out with friends, is a quick learner and these days, along with her new show, she’s also waiting for the release of Saawariya!

Meet Krystle D’Souza, the newest member to join Ekta Kapoor’s clan of young and pretty protagonists. But wait, how young is young exactly?

“I’m 17 years old,” says Krystle and before you jump to conclusions about the spelling of her name, yes, that is her original spelling and hasn’t been altered to suit Ekta’s penchant for the alphabet!

The teenager was spotted by somebody from Ekta’s production house when she was walking about in St Xavier’s College.

“I was very surprised when they asked me if I would like to act in their serial. I guess it was my destiny because I have always wanted to do something in the glamour business,” says the young girl, who soon found herself shooting for 9X’s show Kahe Naa Kahe.

But doesn’t she think that she could have waited to have finished her studies, she’s just in her SYJC after all. “See it’s a big platform and playing the lead in Ekta’s show is a big opportunity.

And I believe opportunity doesn’t knock twice!” says Krystle. Well, for a newcomer, she sure talks like a pro!

So far, she’s had a few days of shooting and is enjoying it thoroughly. “My family is extremely supportive of me. My mother has been accompanying me to the shoots and my father used to drive me around for auditions,” she says.

And for a normal teenager who used to love hanging out with friends, her co-stars have become her family and friends now.

“Being the youngest ensures I’m the most pampered one of the lot!” she laughs. And as far as interaction with Ekta goes, Krystle says that she has only seen the good side of hers.

“Those people who say she’s a hard taskmaster, have they seen what a gem of a person she is? Ekta’s extremely sweet and I know I can go to her if I have any problem” she says. Seems Krystle’s certainly a ‘konfident’ girl!


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