Sunday, November 18, 2007

Granny says girls must be sexy: Riya

Granny says girls must be sexy: Riya

Catching Riya and Raima Sen together is an onerous task. But when they do come together, they tend to bring the house down, literally.

These days these dusky damsels are busy thanking God, now that their granny Suchitra Sen is hale and hearty after a severe bout of illness. The Sen sisters talk to AT about their fears, dreams, aspirations and swapping their screen image.

‘Thank god!’
Both Riya and Raima get emotional, as they talk about the harrowing times they recently faced, what with grandmother being seriously ill. They say in unison, “The feeling is that of great relief. In fact she’s more like a friend and has always told us that girls should be sexy and glamorous.” That’s quite a statement coming from a granny! The sisters laugh throatily and add, “That’s why we take her advice so seriously!”

‘Makeover time?’
Of late, the two girls have shown an inclination to change their image. While Riya flaunted a simple, down-to-earth look in movies like Apna Sapna Money Money , Raima has been flaunting some scintillating dresses at parties, which bring out the oomph factor. Is this entire exercise aimed at changing their respective images? Raima quickly repartees, “I am quite happy with the kind of roles I am doing, but if someone offers me a meaty and glamorous role, why not!” Riya, the self-confessed brat enthuses, “I have already done some seedha-saada roles in a couple of films, but what can I do if people remember my sensuous portrayals only? But it’s a huge high to be doing a school girl’s role at my age. I can always do serious roles later.”

‘I would change her hairstyle’
Riya makes no bones about the fact that it’s Raima, who is more dominating of the two and blithely adds, “She’s only an year older to me but she acts like my mother.” Not one to be outdone, Raima retorts, “Since my parents don’t say anything to her, obviously I have to do the job. Left to herself, she will run amok!” And if they were asked to change one thing about each other’s appearance, what would it be? Riya is the first one to say, “Her hairstyle! She should go for a fringe, as that will enhance her lovely features.” Interestingly Raima has similar take on her younger sister: “Riya should go for a cute short hairstyle. That will give her a different look!”

Given half a chance, which particular screen roles would they like to switch with each other? Raima, who’s done films like Parineeta and Chokher Bali hums and haws and finally adds, “ Jhankaar Beats ”. Riya on the other hand says bluntly, “I wouldn’t want to do any of her roles.”

‘Interesting projects’
While Raima is looking forward to The Japanese Wife , her film with Rahul Bose, she’s also experimenting with some different genres. “In C Company , I am doing comedy for the first time along with Tusshar. After this, I will probably be flooded with offers from the makers of comedy flicks,” she says. Riya on the other hand is enthusiastic about her film Love Game . “ Mera Bharat Mahaan is another multi-starrer where I am working with actors like Salman and Preity. As long as I am doing two films every year, I am cool,” she coos.

‘Our kind of beau’
Their careers are rock-steady and admirers aplenty. But what about love and marriage? Riya says exasperatedly, “Oh God, marriage! I can’t even think of commitment right now.” Raima on the other hand says philosophically, “I am not exactly looking for love, if it has to happen, it will.” And if she had to choose a groom for Riya, what would be the criterion? “A super rich guy who can pamper her and allow her to be herself. But for myself, I will choose a guy who’s merely rich and has a great sense of humour!” she says


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