Tuesday, October 16, 2007

J Lo Pregnancy Confirmed By Marc’s Ex

For Marc Anthony’s ex-wife, Dayanara Torres, it’s time to do some serious backpedaling. Reportedly she may have put her foot in her mouth recently when she confirmed rumors that Jennifer Lopez is expecting.

It all happened on El Escandalo TV, when Torres was doing an interview. The reporter asked how her kids (fathered by Marc Anthony) reacted to the news of a new sibling on the way. She replied, “They don’t know yet because I found out a day ago. But I imagine they will be happy, because when my sister had her kids they were.”

Bad move. With all the fuss J. Lo puts up about keeping her life private, the only thing worse than having her pregnancy leaked to press, is having it leaked by her man’s ex-wife.

Enter damage control. Yesterday, Torres released a statement in which she attempted to absolve herself of any wrongdoing. It read:

“I have neither confirmed, nor have first-hand knowledge of any pregnancy. I had been advised of pregnancy ‘rumors’ by my manager who wanted to make sure I was aware in case my children heard anything at school that I may need to address; so when I was approached by a reporter who stated as fact that my children were to have a new sibling soon, I assumed that this had been confirmed. My answer to him was that though they had no knowledge of a sibling, that I imagine that they will be incredibly happy. Marc, his family and I have a very respectful and mature relationship which we work hard to conserve for the benefit of our children.”


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