Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jessica Simpson Goes Country

Jessica Simpson Goes Country

The Jessica Simpson country project has just been given a much-needed boost, as Willie Nelson has agreed to help write songs for her upcoming album.

The decision to go country was first reported by Jessica’s manager-father Joe Simpson, who insists that his daughter is completely serious about making her latest project a big success.

Before the official announcement, the “With You” singer told press, “My next album is probably going to be with Willie Nelson. I’ve been wanting to do a country record because it’s in my roots.”

The idea of working with Willie apparently started when he co-starred with Jessica in the 2005 comedy, Dukes of Hazzard.

Jess explains, “I aspire to be like Patsy Cline. Willie actually turned me on to her because he used to be one of her background singers.”

Enjoy the pictures of Jessica out for a night on the Hollywood scene (September 16).


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