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Sameera Reddy talks about sex and turn ons

Sameera Reddy talks about sex and turn ons

ctress Sameera Reddy has become brave and courageous. One wonders if the hosting of the action awards on AXN has got anything to do with the sudden power and confidence to shoot straight from the lip.

She tells us, “Oh, hosting the awards ceremony was fun. I’m quite an adventurous girl and love action myself. It’s great to see Bollywood excel in that direction. It’s after watching my film, Naksha, that AXN approached me to host their action awards show.” “Even in movies, I enjoy doing all the stunts myself. My male co-stars treat me like one of the boys, and I just love that,” she continues. Sameera is looking forward to her next film Race in which she replaced the sexy Mallika Sherawat. Sammy says, “It’s a thriller and we are having a blast shooting it. There’s going to be a lot of action and adventure in this one.”

About her fave action hero? “It has to be Hrithik. He is such a great actor. But he deserves all that he has achieved. He really works so hard, it’s commendable. I love the action he has done in Dhoom 2.”

The girl has just confessed to having an affair with Shamshul Lalani, a Mumbai-based builder.

But it wasn’t courage but frustration that made her confess her six-month relationship.

Sameera has been constantly linked with director Sanjay Gupta, and these constant alleged link-ups were adversely affecting her personal life and romantic relationship with Shamshul.

To put rumours to rest, Reddy told Times News Network, “Link-ups with Sanjay Gupta are really upsetting my personal life and putting a lot of pressure on my family.

I repeat again that I am seeing someone who comes from an affluent builder family in Mumbai and we are happy together.”

But then why did the sexy damsel hide it from the media for so long? “What’s the big deal if I am in love, why doesn’t everyone just leave me alone?”

Sameera Reddy was always a plump child, especially during her school days. It was only during her college years that she realized that she had to do something about her weight and consciously lost thirty kilos.

Being one of four sisters, Sameera could well have suffered from an inferiority complex.

Both her elder sisters were successful models and known for their ‘sexiness.

Sameera admits: I was the ugly duckling of the family.

Sameera’s first film was Maine Dil Tujhko Diya in which she was paired opposite debutant Sohail Khan.

But it was post-Musafir that the actress was described as ‘sexy’.

She recently said, “I'm feeling as fit as ever and my energy levels are soaring. I was tired of doing the same workout for the past six years. My body had plateaued, as far as losing weight was concerned. I needed to jump-start my exercise routine.”

So what does the lady indulge in? Power yoga, specialised weight training and an hour of daily cardio, coupled with a healthy diet. Her weight loss then, is definitely well-deserved.

What makes Sameera Reddy all hot and fiery?

It was while shooting for Sanjay Gupta’s film Musafir that the damsel was in quite a ‘hot’ predicament. While shooting for one particular scene, along with a few fire jugglers, the actress’ pants apparently caught fire and had to be quickly doused by the crew. Needless to say, Sameera had one fiery experience, but the brave lady didn’t stop shooting, much to her producer’s delight.

When her co-star (and co-producer) Sanjay Dutt learnt of the incident, like the others, he too was all praise for Sameera’s ‘enduring’ spirit. However, the Deadly Dutt went one step further and presented the pretty actress with a flat-screen television set as a present and a token of his appreciation.

What does Sameera want from life? All she wants is to continue living life the way she is doing right now - on her own terms.

Sameera has had her set of link ups. At one point in time she was linked with four people - actor NTR Jr, a French DJ, a Mumbai-based industrialist and filmmaker Sanjay Gupta. She denied all these romantic liaisons.

Sexy or sleazy? Sameera maintains that there is a thin line between the two. She says, “Being sexy is something that comes from your attitude, while sleaze is reflected in your body language. I don’t mind being called sexy, because my sex-appeal lies in my confidence and my being sure of myself, not in my body alone.”

So who does Sameera find hot?

“There are many…John Abraham, Ajay Devgan, Sunjay Dutt, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan.”

Sameera has kissed on screen before, but the damsel is insistent that she wouldn’t be able to kiss on screen ever again. She tells us, “I don’t know why, but I don’t think I’ll be able to kiss on screen ever again. It’s too taxing!”

Sameera is naughty, alright. A fun loving girl who like adventure. But just whom would she like to get naughty with? “It has to be Mel Gibson…he looks naughty enough,” she tells us.

A foodie herself, what would she cook on a romantic date for that special someone. The dominant side of her says, “Nothing, I’ll make him cook for me!”

A workaholic, what else is Sameera addicted to besides work? “It has to be fitness.” And what is she passionate about? “Cars! I love them!” That makes Sammy quite a fast girl, eh?

The actress is known to be close to her friends and family. “Friends and family are man’s greatest assets,” she says, “and should not ever be taken for granted.”

Not many know that Sameera is a gadget queen. Ask her whom she can give a run for their money, and she is quick to say, “James Bond. I’m a gadget queen. I can hook up anything!”

Ask her to complete the following…Sex… and she says, Sex is what you make of it. And Sex appeal? “Sex appeal isn’t about what you don’t have!”

So what if a girl proposed to her? “I’d run away. It happened once and that’s what I did.” What does the actress get turned on by? “A man’s breath, the smell of musk, chocolate sauce and strawberries.” And which guy would she like to be wooed by? “Brad Pitt, without doubt!”

Money for Sameera is important but it’s not everything. And the role she desires most? “Madhubala’s role in Mughal-e-Azam” . Her opinion on item numbers? “They’re not so bad. I would do it, after taking into consideration various things.”

And what about Life? “It should be lived king-size!”


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