Monday, June 25, 2007

Mallika’s ‘split personality’!

Mallika’s ‘split personality’!

She’s Bollywood’s uncrowned controversy queen, and she knows which way her bread is buttered, say know-it-alls. But Mallika Sherawat surprises everyone every time. Be it her Hollywood films or her item numbers, or even her ten minute appearances at shows, this girl makes her own rules. But we couldn’t help wondering if the actress didn’t have a split personality because of the drastically different news items floating around about her. On the one hand you have her quoting fantastic figures for a few minutes’ appearances in films or shows – remember her performing at a suburban five-star, and then her role in Himesh Reshammiya’s film? The actress is said to have raked in the moolah in these two instances.

And then you have the story that she has actually declined to take even a penny for an entire film! “Yes, on the one hand Mallika is smart enough to know her value and demand it, and on the other hand, if she likes a film very much, she may even agree to do it for free. Like in the case of Pritish Nandy’s Pyar Ke Side Effects ,” informs our source. “Mallika liked the scrip so much that she refused to accept any payment for the role. She thoroughly enjoyed shooting the film and working with Rahul Bose.” However, producer Pritish actually sent her a share of the profits since the film did well at the box-office. With Mallika, every situation is a win-win situation, right?


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