Friday, June 22, 2007

Actresses Go Through Hell!

Actresses Go Through Hell!

Bipasha admits that she’s had some ugly experiences, especially in Jaipur where people have wanted to touch her. In one instance in Mumbai a man attempted to paw her at a pub, but luckily beau John Abraham was there to protect her.

Rumour has it that he physically reprimanded the erring party, but John has denied doing so. For someone who is considered a sex symbol, Bipasha has managed to keep such incidents to the minimal, which is laudable. Does she need John to protect her everyday? We don’t think so.

Kareena’s kiss blown up

It happened to be a harmless kiss between a boy and a girl, but it was caught on camera by a miscreant and then passed on to the television media, which in turn blew it up into a huge story.

Both Shahid and Kareena, as well as millions of their fans, were disgusted with the incident.

Shilpa Shetty kissed by Richard Gere

There may have been a raging debate over the Richard Gere’s kissm, but the fact of the matter is that if an Indian actor had done the same thing, he would have been in deep trouble.

At the same time, Shilpa was obviously surprised at Richard’s gesture, although she handled it well. Question is, did Richard Gere overstep the line. And did Shilpa cover up her embarrassment superbly? Whatever the case, Shipa surely can take care of herself!

Deepal Shaw is abused

Deepal was returning home late one night when her car broke down. While she was standing outside her car, three men approached her and within minutes, Deepal realized that they had no intention of helping her.

Deepal quickly got inside her car and called her brother. But the three men passed obscene remarks on Deepal. Luckily Deepal’s brother arrived at the scene and she returned home safely.

Payal Rohatgi’s bad experience

Her penchant for doing sexy roles proved disastrous for Payal. Apparently, Payal decided to attend a function, but a young man decided to act fresh with her.

He allegedly put his hand on her back and even tried “some other mischief” according to the actress. She was livid at the incident and went on record to say that people should not take actress’ screen images literally.

Rakhi Sawant’s onstage scare

She was doing a stage show in Dubai when some members of the audience actually climbed on stage and began to misbehave with her.

Of course, Rakhi managed to escape from the scene before things went overboard, but it did give her a scare, considering the crowd would have gone berserk.

Rakhi Sawant gets kissed by Mika

Strangers or goons acting fresh is one thing, but when a celebrity decides to get down to their level, it is sad.

Such was the case when singer Mika decided to kiss Rakhi at his birthday. The incident created a furore as Rakhi cried foul and was given huge publicity by the media.

Celina Jaitley’s trauma

She went through a horrific incident when shooting for Jawani Diwani in Mauritius.

The story goes that a man actually came to the sets, pulled her hair, and ran away. The next day he again appeared on the sets and allegedly peed on her. It’s surprising that the authorities couldn’t prevent this incident, and only arrested the man later.

Meghna Naidu’s a victim

Meghna was coming out of a theatre in Mumbai after watching a film, when four boys decided to take advantage of her. They behaved indecently, according to the actress, but luckily for Meghna, her boyfriend was with her and he taught them a lesson.

But it is scary to imagine what would have happened if she had been alone that day.

Kangana Ranaut gets slapped

Being taken advantage of by strangers is one thing, but rumour has it that Kangana had a huge scene with actor and mentor Aditya Panscholi. Rumours even stated that Kangana had been slapped, but no confirmations were forthcoming.

In fact, Kangana and Aditya were later spotted together at an awards function. We wonder what that was all about?

Kangana receives threats

Kangana’s sister was actually attacked by a man. The man is said to have thrown acid on Kangana’s sister’s face. Kangana went through a lot of trauma because of the incident.

Moreover, she herself received similar threats.

Riya Sen’s MMS clip

It was in extremely bad taste. Even though Riya denied the whole incident, a strange MMS clip began doing the rounds showing Riya in a bad light.

While some wrote it off as a publicity gimmick, others were astounded at the MMS clip. All said and done, this is one horrific incident that Riya will never forget.

Jyothika gets pawed

There is a video of how actress Jyothika was being pawed in public at an event, much to her disgust.

Other south actresses who have gone through such a bad experience include Kannada actress Rakshita who claimed that a fan tried to grab her hand, and when she pulled her hand back, he managed to get her bracelet instead.

Esha Deol gets fondled

The young actress was at a premiere of one of her own films when this incident occurred. A fan took advantage of the crowd around the actress and fondled her.

Of course, Esha Deol is someone who can take care of herself and she reacted quickly and slapped him hard. This is one man who has learnt his lesson.


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