Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Chemical Romance announce hiatus

My Chemical Romance announce hiatus

Rockers My Chemical Romance are taking a hiatus, so they can seek the inspiration to write a new albumAfter taking two years to tour and promote acclaimed 2006 album The Black Parade, band members complain they are exhausted and short of ideas for a follow-up LP.

Frontman Gerard Way tells MTV, "We can't make any more music unless we live. But I'm already starting to get the ideas and the aesthetics and everything, and it's very different from The Black Parade.

When we get a chance, we're going to get together and do some demos and start rolling. But we're going to take it slow. I feel like we needed to be away for a while. People need to kind of miss us because there was a point in the last two and a half years where you could have seen us at least once a month if you


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