Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eva Longoria Cutens Up at Kerastase

Eva Longoria Cutens Up at Kerastase

Dressed in a form-fitting sun dress, Eva Longoria spent Thursday afternoon out getting prettied up for her hubby's big basketball game in Los Angeles.

With her usual stylist Ken Paves still returning home from a trip to Dallas with Jessica Simpson, Eva opted to visit the chic Kerastase Salon on Robertson Blvd.

And after finishing up inside, the pint-size beauty proved her compassion for her fellow man when she helped pick up a fallen paparazzo, who was almost twice her size.

An onlooker describes the scene, telling: "As she prepared to step off the curb, an eager photographer took a spill right next to her, taking the actress by surprise. Then, Longoria helped the gentleman to his feet before hopping in her car and driving off."

And the nice gesture seems quite appropriate for the Desperate Houswives actress, who needs all the good karma she can get to support her husband, Tony, who could be playing his last basketball game of the season tonight (that is, if the Lakers beat his Spurs).

Enjoy the pictures of Eva Longoria out at the salon (May 29).


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