Monday, February 18, 2008

Bollywood's very own paparazzi

Bollywood's very own paparazzi

In real-life, they blame the media for prying in their personal lives and argue that too much should not be made out of celebrities' private moments. However, when it comes to choosing on-screen roles, stars love to play journalists. While some opt to play the ideal ones from the truth seeking tribe, many of them love to don the shoes of TRP - crazy, insensitive journos who even end up pulling sting operations. The latest to have joined this club is none other than Minissha Lamba aka Adaa from Yahaan. The actress, whose features instantly remind us of Himalayan beauty, is all set to play a journalist in Samar Khan's Shaurya. Audiences who have uptil now seen her in more subtle roles, will get to see Minissha playing an ambitious reporter in this film.

If you are wondering what prompted the actress to take a break away from her innocent, sweet roles and opt for a more opinionated character, it is the lust to play a character that has 'power'. Not just Minissha, even the most established stars of Bollywood have not been able to escape the charm of playing a journalist. The role always equips the actors with power, power to be the messiah of masses, power to cash in on the emotions of hapless victims and to make use of the power of the pen.


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