Friday, January 4, 2008

Fergie Wraps Up Year in Atlantic City

Fergie Wraps Up Year in Atlantic City

Wearing a tiara and holding a crystal-studded scepter, Fergie took to the stage of the Borgata Event Center to perform her final show of 2007 to a sold-out crowd. According to Atlantic City press, "On Saturday, Fergie brought all her hits, including a medley of her popular Black Eyed Peas singles and the full-length version of My Humps." Continuing on, the spectator told that Fergie took a moment from the show to "discuss the gossip bloggers who have said negative things about her very public missteps (she once urinated on stage) and her relationships." "This next song is dedicated to those mother f****rs saying negative things!" Fergie said to wild cheers, adding, "By the way, I apologize to all the moms and dads for my filth mouth sometime." The Duchess also told the concert-goers that "she had a $500 bet with her drummer on the New England Patriots - New York Giants game." "Does anyone know who is winning?" she asked the crowd. "What's the score?" When she found out the Giants were ahead 14 to 10, Fergie shouted, "14-10 baby! Wooo!" Obvious that she put her money on New York, it looks like the Black Eyed Pea singer is out $500, as the Patriots ended up coming back to win the game.


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