Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Britney Spears' Scatterbrained Night

Britney Spears' Scatterbrained Night

When you're rich, famous, and somewhat unstable, an ordinary Wednesday night can turn into an action packed ordeal in a matter of minutes.

And last night, Britney Spears was all over southern California - literally. It all started with dinner at the Gaucho Grill in Studio City. The "Gimme More" singer sported some ripped fishnet stockings and black pumps as she dined with her main squeeze Adnan Ghalib.

After dinner, Brit and Adnan headed to Starbucks for their normal caffeine fix. But that was just the beginning.

Sans boyfriend, the "Toxic" singer grabbed her pal/producer Sam Lufti for a late night spree at Kitson Women and Men in West Hollywood. Of course the troubled mother of two had to change her clothes multiple times.

And then they were off to San Fernando Valley, which is quite a hike from West Hollywood. But Britney wasn't concerned… she raced at speeds of over 100mph just to get there quickly. Unfortunately for the trailing paparazzi, the cops started pulling them over, issuing tickets and making arrests. Luckily for her, Spears wasn't cited.

Britney ended the night with a stop at Rite Aid, however when she found that the store had closed, she hopped over to Ralphs to grab a few items. A curious videographer asked her if she and Adnan were fighting (since he wasn't with her) and she replied, "No comment." When asked if he was treating her well, she just shrugged her shoulders.


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