Monday, November 19, 2007

Pamela should pose nude now!

Pamela should pose nude now!

Show us the money, is the scream of the Wild Wild West!

Supermodels Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards were offered a whopping one million dollars to pose nude for the cover of a magazine, and the two, we hear, are still contemplating on the offer.

But in India, the issue is of course more than just skin-deep. It’s more about morals, values and ethics when compared to green notes and a sizeable bank balance.

Actress Celina Jaitley and many others — Ash, Bips, Koena, Mallika — are walking tall, after bagging some ‘international projects’. But are they really ready to go the international way?

Yes! But with a disclaimer stating ‘conditions apply’ in bold fonts. However, when we got in touch with some Indian celebs and asked ‘em if Pamela and Denise should agree to the naked proposal... they said:

Amrita Arora:

If there’s anyone who can pose nude on a cover, it has to be Pamela. And why not? Half her life she has done that. She’s been a Bunny and a ‘Playmate’.

Vidya Balan:

Who really cares whether she poses nude or not? She can do what she wants, how does it matter? But yes, I do think that one million dollars can be put to better use.

Celina Jaitley:

It’s certainly no big deal for Pamela to go nude on the cover of a magazine. She could go ahead and do it if she feels like becoming million dollars richer.

Kim Sharma:

Pamela Anderson has hardly left anything to the imagination. So what’s the big deal if she poses nude again? She should do it and earn big bucks.

Gul Panag:

Yes, Pamela should pose for the magazine cover. She’s being offered a million dollara because she’s worth it, I’m sure about that.


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