Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mona Vasu to make a comeback

Mona Vasu to make a comeback

Mona Vasu, better known as Millie from the serial of the same name, is all set to make a comeback.

The 22-year-old, who disappeared from television scene after Millie got over, will be seen playing the female lead in on an upcoming channel.

In her characteristic frank manner, Mona explains the reason behind her comeback. She says, “I have used up all the money which I earned from Millie . It’s time to get back to work.” And this time, Mona is okay with wearing saris, too.

The fact that there is no rona-dhona in the show is a big relief for the actor. She says, “I quite liked it when I auditioned for the role. We started shooting a month ago. I am enjoying every bit of it. The character is very different from the bindaas Millie . Moreover, there is no rona-dhona in the show,” she points out.

Although she doesn’t reveal much about the show, she says, “It’s a fun show where I am paired opposite Mihir Mishra. Mihir and I hate each other in the show. But I will not tell you more as it would give away the plot,” she laughs.

It seems securing a good bank balance is on Mona’s mind.

She has, besides , also has signed another serial which is in a nascent stage right now. “I will talk about that one, when the time is right. Currently, I am in Delhi and having a blast with my parents,” she says.


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