Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lauren Conrad Meets Brody, Buys Booze

The Hills star Lauren Conrad was spotted bustling around Beverly Hills on Friday (October 26).

The 21-year-old enjoyed a lunch outing with Brody Jenner and his puppy, along with a trip to the store - where she loaded up with an assortment of liquor, beer and wine.

Just a few days back, in an interview with Best Week Ever, Gavin Beasley (who was Lauren’s date on October 22nd’s episode) spoke of how scripted The Hills really is.

Gavin told, “They totally set up the BBQ scene for Brody and I to meet each other and talk because, as they said, ‘the audience would get a kick out of seeing the ex talking to the new guy.’ So they rent this house in Malibu for a set, bought a bunch of food and drinks, and just filmed us hanging out.”

“Brody would talk all this sh*t, then be like, ‘Sorry about that, we’re just trying to make good television.’ Like at one point, some other dude walked up to us while we were talking, and Brody goes, ‘We’re trying to film a scene here. Do you mind?’, like he’s interrupting our lines. Haha, it was some of the best acting I’ve ever done.”


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