Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hrishitaa is upset

Hrishitaa is upset

Kamaal Khan’s venture 'Deshdroh' is in trouble again.

Not so long ago, Gracy Singh gave grief to Khan when she fled from Dubai and returned to Mumbai leaving the shoot half way. Now, Hrishitaa Bhatt is threatening to quit the film.

If sources are to be believed, Hrishitaa is miffed with Khan for filming a song on Gracy, which was meant to be picturised on her. Khan admits that Hrishitaa is very upset with him. He says, "Hrishitaa had rehearsed on that song in Mumbai, but I shot the same song with Gracy in Dubai because I felt that the song suited Gracy more."

Khan adds, "Now, Hrishitaa is threatening to leave the film if I don’t re-shoot the song sequence with her. She wants me to think up of some other equally good song for her. It’s fine if she walks out, I will search for some other girl."

Hrishitaa, who has yet not shot anything for Deshdrohi, remained unavailable for comment. We then contacted her manager Subroto, who says, "Hrishitaa is in Delhi. I am unaware of all this. I will get back to you."

He did not. But we called him again he claimed, "Nothing of this sort happened and Hrishitaa has a guest appearance in the film." We tried to get to the truth of the matter and sent a text message to Hrishitaa, but she did not reply


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