Sunday, November 11, 2007

Designer Rohit celebrates his b'day

Designer Rohit celebrates his b'day

Do the hippy, hippy shake — that’s what everyone was doing as flamboyant designer Rohit Verma celebrated his birthday the other night.

Dressed in a striking kitschy ensemble. Rohit was in his element, prancing around and hugging and kissing everyone.

Feathered and bejeweled mannequins were there all around but you did not look at them, instead, your eyes focussed on the party people in their colourful attire and up to their naughty antics.

Loud music and louder dance steps, the guests all got into the groove and shook a leg and more to the Bollywood beats.

Jesse Randhawa enjoyed some girl talk with Shonal Rawat, Dolly Thakore caught up with a garlanded Gary Richardson, Meghna Naidu, who was on a party-hopping spree, did a quick change from her earlier spa outing, while Bobby Darling’s wicked wig only added to the colour of the night.

Not to mention the drag queen who provided live entertainment! Kanwaljit Singh, Konkana Bakshi and TV actress Madhuri Bhatia... the birthday bumps went on into the night.


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