Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bips is Sexiest Asian Woman!

Bips is Sexiest Asian Woman!

Bollywood wow girl Bipasha Basu was named the Sexiest Asian Woman in the World on Friday after a poll conducted by Britain’s largest-selling Asian newspaper.

The newspaper was quoted as describing the actress whose new film releases this week as “a living embodiment of sexual attractiveness... whose acting ability, beauty and charm are capable of arousing great interest from the world’s media”.

Madhuri Dixit, who at 42 is making a comeback to Bollywood with her film Aaja Nachle later this month, was not unusually the runner-up.

As BT discovered when Madhuri graced the paper’s 13th anniversary bash in Mumbai on Friday, the Dhak-Dhak girl still has it in her to draw whistles from the crowds! Meanwhile, last year’s winner, the ravishing Priyanka Chopra, who is 25, was found to be the third Sexiest Asian Woman in the World by the newspaper.

Other Asian women in the Top Ten include Aishwarya Rai at No 4, Laila Rouass (5), Shilpa Shetty (6), Katrina Kaif (7), Kareena Kapoor (8), Lara Dutta (9) and Pakistani-based model and actress Iman Ali at No 10. This is the third year that the newspaper is publishing a list of the 50 Sexiest Asian Women in the World.

Its readers first cast their votes from a list of 100 names published and featuring on the newspaper’s website. An unranked shortlist of 20 names which received the most votes is then given to a panel of judges who include eminent British Asians from the world of films, television, fashion, media and showbiz. The judges rank the public’s 20 most popular names and then the newspaper collates the judges’ answers to produce its definite list.

Bipasha, who was also the winner in 2005, is reported to have told the Asian newspaper, “I’m glad I got the crown back and will try and hold onto it this time.

I think sexiness goes beyond just looks and is a total package, from your personality to the way you carry yourself in your everyday life.” Coming up next in the newspaper will be the Sexiest Asian Men in the World list this Friday. BT’s money is on Salman Khan. But readers’ prayers, it is believed, are on Six-Pack Khan... Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh himself. Anybody interested in a private wager?


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