Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lane Garrison's Sentencing Imminent

Los Angeles (E! Online) - With Lane Garrison scheduled to learn his fate tomorrow, a group of antifans are doing their utmost to ensure he doesn't catch a break on prison time.

A community coalition has gathered more than 3,400 signatures on petitions and will deliver them to Beverly Hills Superior Court Tuesday in an attempt to convince the judge to sentence the actor to the maximum penalty for the alcohol-fueled crash that left a high school student dead.

Garrison pleaded guilty in May to vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence in the December 2006 crash that killed 17-year-old Vahagn Setian and injured two 15-year-old girls.

Following his plea, Garrison was ordered in August to undergo a 90-day diagnostic stay at the California Institute for Men in Chino.

He completed the psychological evaluation last month and was turned over to Los Angeles County authorities. Since then, he has been incarcerated at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility while awaiting sentencing.

The former Prison Break player faces a maximum sentence of six years and eight months behind bars, which is exactly what the petitioners are urging the judge to impose.

However, depending on the recommendations of the prison staff and psychologists who examined Garrison at the Chino facility, Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox could decide to release him on probation at Wednesday's sentencing.

Setian's parents were expected to be present Tuesday for the delivery of the signatures to the courthouse.

In August, Setian's grieving father called Garrison "selfish," claiming the actor took no responsibility for the actions that killed his son.

"The meaning of our lives was taken away. He was our only child," Setian said on the stand.

"He took no responsibility. He could have come to us the next day and apologized, but he didn't."

Garrison claimed at the hearing that he had tried repeatedly to contact the family, but was unable to reach them.

"We can't bring him back, but I just want to apologize to everyone," he said from the stand in August.

"I'm sorry for my behavior that evening. It doesn't represent who I am usually."

In another bid to make amends, Garrison also filmed an emotional PSA discouraging others from making the same mistakes he did.


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