Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Hilton Women Love Their Shopping

After spending the weekend celebrating Nicky’s 24th birthday in Las Vegas, the Hilton sisters continued to spend quality time together upon their return to Los Angeles.

On the agenda for the two heiresses was a bit of shopping at some of the fashionable spots offered up in Beverly Hills, with stops at Dianalino and House of Petro Zillia, followed by a light lunch at Toast.

And with Kathy Hilton as their mother, it comes as little surprise that shopping excursions are prevalent on the girls’ to-do list.

In an Access Hollywood Investigates series, the dialogue of a conversation with Kathy went as follows:

“The best thing about being a Hilton? There is the upside and the downside. The upside are the perks,” Kathy told.

“Like getting to shop whenever you want?” Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson asked at the time.

“Well, I have a very generous husband,” Kathy replied.


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