Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Halle Berry Loves Pregnancy

There’s nothing like getting knocked-up to make a girl feel sexy. At least that’s the story according to actress Halle Berry.

The X-Men hottie said that as her pregnancy moves along, she feels more and more attractive. She told press, “I was telling somebody this yesterday in an interview and they thought I was just full of sh--, but ... I feel more sexy now than I’ve ever felt — really, truly, sexy. I put on a great dress and sometimes I’m like, ‘OK! I don’t look so bad,’ but I never felt sexy in the way I feel sexy now.”

Maybe it’s the sense of accomplishment that has her feeling so radiant. After all, Halle and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry tried to conceive for eight months before they got the desired result.

“Maybe it wasn’t 35 (tests) — you say a joke and then it like, follows you forever, but (I did take) a lot. I got rid of the negative ones. I thought, ‘I’m not going to keep these any more. This might be negative, bad energy.’ Now I just have the one positive one.”


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