Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eva Mendes Owns The NYC Night

If you’re a fan of Eva Mendes, you’re in luck. Her new movie “We Own The Night” opens this weekend, and she’s been out and about on a promotional tour.

The latest stop for the Hitch actress is New York City. She charmed up the crowd at MTV’s Total Request Live show yesterday. But that was just a warm up for the big premiere last night.

And be sure to bring a blindfold for the faint-hearted. This film reportedly opens with a scene that could make Ron Jeremy blush.

Apparently the opening scene of the movie contains a love scene between Mendes and her co-star Joaquin Phoenix. And Eva says it was definitely a stretch for her.

“I actually have no problem being nude. I was fully nude in ‘Training Day’ - like full frontal. But I wasn’t in a love scene while I was nude. When you’re in a love scene and you’re nude, it’s the most uncomfortable. You’re completely exposed.”

“We Own the Night” also stars Mark Wahlberg and Robert Duvall, and opens nationwide on Friday.


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