Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Elisha cuthbert's mystery man

She’s not the little high school girl we all loved in “Old School” anymore. Elisha Cuthbert is filling into her career as a Hollywood A-lister quite nicely, and everyone is taking notice.

The “24” actress has been a constant blip on the paparazzi radar screen, and this time they found her coming out of a club.

Hollywood’s Hyde Lounge was the location of choice for the “Girl Next Door” babe earlier this week. She was wearing a tan-colored speckled shirt with khaki capris with a matching handbag and black heels.

Elisha’s escort looked to be someone from the “ Jude Law Impersonating Society” as he donned a v-neck t-shirt underneath a blazer with a fedora accenting the ensemble.

Cuthbert just returned from the Connecticut set of “The Six Wives Of Henry LeFay,” a new movie with Andie MacDowell and Will Ferrell.


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