Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sex and the City Movie Rolls On

Sex and the City Movie Rolls On

It’s exciting to see that the Sex and the City girls are back in action. And yesterday Kristin Davis was out and about in New York filming her scenes.

It appears that Davis’ character Charlotte is expecting a baby. And after the traumatic miscarriage she endured on the show years ago, it’s good to see her healthy and pregnant.

In fact, the scene Davis was filming yesterday involved Charlotte and Chris Noth’s character Mr Big getting into a bit of an argument, leading to her water breaking.

Yeah, we know.. . it’s a cliffhanger. But with this kind of build up, it’s going to be quite a wait until the movie comes out. Leave it to Carrie Bradshaw and Co. to keep viewers on the edge of their seats until this film releases sometime in 2008.

Enjoy the pictures of Kristin Davis, along with Chris Noth, on set for the second day of Sex and the City filming (September 20).


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