Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Is marriage on cards for Britney, Charlize, Naomi?

Is marriage on cards for Britney, Charlize, Naomi?

Everyone loves a bit of gossip, especially if it is about a celebrity. Celebrity romances are known to interest people like nothing else and make headlines everywhere. There are some who love to show off a new 'romance' without any qualms and then there are those who are good at hiding.

Here's a look at some sizzling divas whose 'love life' is making news these days.

Is Charlize Theron all set to tie the knot?

Rumours are rife that Charlize Theron is all set to tie the knot with beau Stuart Townsend. The news started doing the rounds after the actress was spotted wearing a huge engagement ring. The two, who starred together in a few films, have been seeing each other for five years now.

Earlier though the Monster star had claimed that 'marriage is not her thing', Charlize's friends suggest that she has had a change of heart, according to Hello magazine.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell sparked off rumours of her own engagement recently.

The Streatham-born ramp queen flashed a ring on her wedding finger at a dinner in honour of Nelson Mandela at the Dorchester Hotel, after a hunky bloke made a move on her.

"Naomi had a ring on her wedding finger and when someone tried to chat her up she waggled it at him and said, "Uh-uh". He was gobsmacked," the Mirror quoted a fellow guest, as saying.

However, it appears from the incident that flashing the ring is Naomi's new way to get rid of unwanted men trying to woo her. "It was a joke. Naomi's not engaged. It's her dad's ring," a spokesman for Naomi said.

Britney Spears has tongues wagging that she may be getting set for her third walk down the aisle after being spotted with a diamond ring on her engagement finger.

And her ring was not the only thing that the singer had people talking about as she partied in Vegas with Criss Angel, for another topic under hot discussion was the purple nightie that she hit the hotspots in.

"They danced and at one point he kissed her hand", The Sun quoted the onlooker, as saying.

While Criss Angel is currently going through a messy divorce, Britney already has two broken marriages under her belt.

Actress Sienna Miller might have denied a number of times that she and Rhys Ifans aren't an item, but there’s something definitely going on between the two.

The two were spotted cosying up at the bash for Sienna and her sister Savannah for their new fashion range. A source said that Ifans made a mock proposal to Sienna as he took of his shirt and kneeled down. "Rhys was kneeling, stripped to the waist, gazing up at Sienna who started shrieking with laughter." the Mirror quoted the source, as saying.

"And of course he was dripping in beer. After a while Sienna looked a bit embarrassed - especially as all her family were there," the source added.

Recently, Ifans was spotted leaving the Factory Girl star's house, but Miller insisted that the actor was only crashing on her couch "Rhys is crashing on my couch - we're not sleeping together," she said.

Sir Paul McCartney and Renee Zellweger were spotted at a romantic candlelit dinner, days after they met at a concert.

Reports said that the two met at American Hotel in Sag Harbor, New York state. A source said that Macca and the Oscar winner looked like they 'enjoyed themselves'.

"It’s a very romantic place. They looked like they enjoyed themselves", the Daily Mail quoted the source, as saying.

Renee, who is as old as the Beatles legend's first daughter Mary, was the first one to arrive. She then settled down at a place near the fireplace before Sir Paul joined her.

The couple were engaged in a quiet conversation throughout their two-hour rendezvous. They left the place separately after a parting hug.


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