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Sexy films rule the roost

Sexy films rule the roost: Was it all a phase?

Tanushree Dutta insists that the phase of sexy films was just that - a phase.

But the fact remains that they did create a ripple among the audiences, and had almost every actress giving in to the filmmakers’ demands and either portraying a sexy scene or a kissing scene in their film.

Here we take a look at some ‘hot’ films which caught the film-goer’s attention…


Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi surely set the screen on fire with this one. This is the film that had virtually the entire male population lusting after the queen on quotes. With Mallika walking away with all the accolades for this one, it is said the serial kisser Emraan Hashmi was quite miffed with the lady.

The film’s songs were a craze. Though their off-screen chemistry may have been ruined forever, Mallika and Emraan’s sex scenes on screen were quite something, if the box-office collections of the film were anything to go by. And yes, kissing sensation did kiss Mallika in this one.


This is where Shilpa’s younger sibling Shamita Shetty came into her own. Earlier known for her item numbers and her cameos, Shamita proved that she had more to her than just that. And yes, she turned on the sex-appeal full-steam for this one - 'Zeher' talks about extramarital relationships embellished with skin show and kissing.

Sex, adultery, murder, suspense, and all this interwoven with a drama of human emotions - that was the crux of Zeher. Fortunately or unfortunately it worked. The film’s music too was appreciated, and it went on to become a hit. However, Shamita got what she wanted - her performance was definitely above par.


Though director Deepak Shivdasani did say that Julie was not about skin show but about soul searching, the front benchers who went to see the film definitely wanted the former - and with a sexy Neha Dhupia as obliging as ever, they got their money’s worth too. Neha made full use of her well-toned body to keep the frontbenchers glued to their seats.

The story was that of a prostitute - although the storyline wasn’t much to talk about, the sexual exploits of the lead pair. Julie related the tale of a small town girl who turned into a high society prostitute, and her right to self-assertion.


Who can forget the poster of Kaliyon Ka Chaman girl Meghna Naidu barely holding on to a piece of cloth which only covered her front? This was another of Karan Razdan’s sex flicks. It was the story of a sexually unsatisfied wife seeking gratification in an extramarital affair.

Skin show was obviously the film’s forte. However, Meghna Naidu, Shawar Ali and Tarun Arora failed to create the excitement that was expected of them. While Meghna did manage to titillate the audience, she didn’t manage to gain any points as an actress in this one. All skin and no substance is Hawas in a nutshell.


Karan Razdan’s Girlfriend exploited the theme of lesbianism and the film was liberally sprinkled with skin show scenes which had the frontbenchers drooling - especially with two bombshells, Isha Koppikar and Amrita Arora turning on the heat. While one actress plays the role of a girl who doesn’t want to get into a male relationship because she’s been abused as a child, while the other girl doesn’t care who she’s making love to after gulping down a few drinks.

The film came in for a lot of flak. Without a strong storyline, Girlfriend didn’t stand a chance with the critics. With the frontbenchers, of course, it was a different story. The film scored in its theme - the bold and hardly explored subject of lesbianism, but failed to capitalise on its prospects.


It was portrayed as a film with sensual sex scenes. With the presence of two biggies, Sanjay Dutt and Aishwarya Rai, it is debatable whether this film should be included in this line up. However, the scenes in the film were quite in line with this feature. Aishwarya’s supposed kiss with Sanjay Dutt created quite a controversy, and is said to have been deleted later.

Although the film doesn’t concentrate on the sexual aspect, the erotic scenes between Sanjay Dutt and Aishwarya Rai - cleverly shot, did stun the audience. Especially since no one expected Aishwarya Rai to consent to such scenes. Unfortunately for the lead pair, the film bombed at the BO.

Kis Kis Ki Kismet

This one had Mallika turning on the sex-quotient no, but failing to make an impact for once. Even with Mallika playing Dharmendra’s mistress, the audience’s failed to bite the bait. The storyline had Mallika playing the mistress of a businessman but falling for his son instead.

Although the film was supposed to be a funny caper, it failed to make the audiences laugh. Mallika did bat her eyelids at Dharmendra and even kissed his son, but the actress failed to create the magic that she did at the box-office with Murder. We’re sure Mallika would like to quickly forget about this one.


This was Mallika Sherawat at her kissing best - yes, the queen of quotes stopped talking for once and was busy kissing away in this film. She went to town claiming there were not one or two, but sixteen kisses in this film. And she put her money where her mouth was too, if you’ll forgive the phrase.

It was Mallika’s film all the way. Co-star Priyanshu was literally embarrassed at all the attention - we don’t know whether it was from his co-star or the audience. The film made news for the number of kissing scenes and little else. Mallika however, further strengthened her position as the next sex-symbol in Bollywood.


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