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Only Sex and Shah Rukh Khan sells!

Only Sex and Shah Rukh Khan sells!

When it comes to sizzling on screen, nobody can do it better than our very own Bollywood actresses - more so since it was considered taboo to ‘expose’ on the Hindi screen for a long time. Today, however, it’s part of the business - the more the merrier.

In fact, for a brief period not so long ago, it almost meant raking in the moolah as well. Remember Neha Dhupia’s famous dialogue, “Only Sex and Shah Rukh Khan sells!”? We take a look at some of the hottest bikini scenes till date. And if you thought only small time actresses had indulged in bikini scenes, you’re wrong

Priyanka Chopra

She’s done it time and again with great success. It’s almost as if putting Priyanka Chopra in a bikini ensures success - Andaaz, Aitraaaz and even Don.

Of course, if all those filmmakers read this, we’re sure they’ll bombard Piggy Chops with only ‘bikini roles’. Relax guys, there’s more to this bombshell than just a perfect ten body. She can deliver hard-hitting ‘hot’ performances as well.

Bipasha Basu

Who can forget Bips in a bikini? Yes, we’re talking about Dhoom 2. If there’s one woman who can carry off a bikini in style and still keep her fans asking for more, it’s Bipasha Basu.

Her knack for varying her look is legendary already.

Celina Jaitley

This girl dared to bare in her very first film, and almost set the standard for newcomers wishing to make it big in Bollywood. Celina standing almost waist deep in the ocean playing a violin is a sight for sore eyes.

Of course, there were rumours that the actress was quite upset with filmmaker Feroz Khan for not shooting it “aesthetically”.

Neha Dhupia

She knows what she is liked for and she has no inhibitions about exposing. Her ‘sexy sells’ attitude put her in a league of her own, especially when she scorched the screen with her bikini scenes in Qayamat and Julie.

Today, of course, she prefers to cover up; after all, every actress needs to mature, right Neha?

Ishaa Koppikar

She’s the wild girl of Hind films. The actress doesn’t turn a hair while flaunting her stuff on screen. She donned the much ogled at bikini for Don, but for some reasons many of the theatres screening the film didn’t have Isha’s hot scene.

We wonder why? We guess, when this Khallas girl decides to turn on the ‘sizzle’ quotient, even the audience finds her too hot to handle!

Kareena Kapoor

Though she may have not done an out an out bikini scene, Kareena has often posed for pictures in a skimpy bikini top.

With such hot pics with just a bikini top, we wonder what will happen if this actress decides to go all out and do a bikini scene in one of her films? Any guesses, guys? Whew!

Mallika Sherawat

The queen of quotes has no problems even openly stating that she has a fabulous body. So why not use it to the maximum.

Mallika created quite a controversy when she was supposed to have done a nude scene in Jackie Chan’s film - but it later turned out that she had worn a body suit for the scene.

Zeenat Aman - Qurbani

Zeenat Man could really turn up the heat. Her sexy, naughty image went perfectly with her roles on screen.

In fact, in Qurbani (1980) Zeenat looks her hottest when she runs on the beach in a micro bikini smaller than anything seen before on a Bollywood screen. Zeenat simply revelled in her sexy image.

Karisma Kapoor

This girl from the Kapoor Khandaan didn’t wait long for her bikini scene. In fact, she posed in a bikini in her very first film.

She literally made a statement that she was willing to go a mile when it came to making a mark in films. Of course, she did make it after years of struggle, and was considered as one of the hottest actresses.

Sharmila Tagore

Yes, it’s not only our contemporary actresses who have dared to bare. Shamila Tagore created quite a furore when she posed in a bikini for the cover of a magazine. Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists raised a hue and cry.

Sharmila claims that she had no problems shooting such a scene, and on the contrary she quite enjoyed the experience because she knew it was not vulgar. She even did such a scene in her film An Evening in Paris.

Dimple Kapadia

She’s the original bikini babe. Dimple Kapadia had the entire nation’s hot-blooded males lusting after her when she posed in a two-piece bikini for her debut film Bobby.

Rest assured, it wasn’t just Rishi Kapoor who felt the heat then. A naughty Dimple teasing the camera with her come hither looks - who can resist that?

Simi Garewal

Yes, it’s hard to believe today when you see the pristine Simi Garewal in white.

But she was one of the first heroines to pose in a bikini. And sizzle.


Nutan, besides making a mark as an actress par excellence, also did not back away from doing a sensuous bikini scene. She did so in Dilli Ka Thug.

Obviously, with the tall, intelligent actress, the scene could never have been vulgar. She was a filmmakers’ delight.


Sarika did a bikini scene in Vidhata. The shot has Sarika lying on a beach reclining chair wearing a bikini and the actress looked stunning in the film.

This one is another of those powerhouse performers and still manages to deliver hard hitting performances on screen.


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