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Lara Dutta - Unplugged

Lara Dutta - Unplugged

Lara Dutta was not quite as popular as former beauty queens Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra in the Hindi film industry.

Until No Entry. Now, the actress is all set for a change of image. Though Jhoom Barabar Jhoom flopped, her performance didn't, proving that comedy suits her.

And looks like we will be seeing more of the actress as her upcoming film Partner with Salman Khan and Govinda is just around the corner.

We got her to spill the dirt on Partner, JBJ, her personal life and her world tour with Amitabh Bachchan.

What's Lara doing between two fun loving guys -- Govinda and Salman Khan?

(Laughs) Govinda and Salman Khan are busy cooking their own khichdi in the film (laughs).

People are talking about this jodi which sees Govinda in a full-fledged comic role after a long gap. I'm being paired with Salman Khan for the first time in a film.

People are really excited to see this film.

Yes. And the catchy promos help too. People have also taken a liking to the music of the film.

Normally, in a David Dhawan film, the male actors get all the comedy. What's your role in the film?

This film is very important for Govinda and Salman Khan but without my character, you cannot imagine the climax (laughs). It does happen at times in a comedy that either you are doing comedy for the entire part or you turn catalyst for all the comic acts.

In this film, I am the catalyst. I play a nosy journalist whose work is to uncover scoops and then publish it in newspaper. I come in Salman Khan's life and create certain confusion.

The promos show all the characters wearing caps. What's the idea behind wearing them?

It was just a madcap idea (laughs). I don't think there is any reason behind it. It's just for style.

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You play a journalist in the film. I hope your perceptions have not changed about people like us?

I have always thought that journalists are normal people too. Everybody, at the end of the day, is doing his/her job. All of us work to pay our bills at the end of the month. I have never passed judgments on anyone though I think they can always handle a situation in a better manner.

If not Salman and Govinda, who else could have been a better 'partner' for this film?

I think David Dhawan finalised this casting after giving it much thought. They can't be replaced.

Which costar makes the best partner with you?

I am working with Salman for the first time and I really liked our onscreen chemistry. I think two co-stars who I work well are Akshay and Salman.

What about onscreen partners?

I think Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan make good partners (laughs). Also the onscreen chemistry between Amit Ji(Amitabh Bachchan) and Vinod Khanna, and Dharamji was very charming and very popular.

(After a pause) I guess you can't say the same for Lalu Yadav and Sonia Gandhi in politics, though that would make an interesting partnership (laughs).

You did a wonderful job in JBJ with your French accent. How was the response?

I am very grateful to my audience for the response I received for JBJ. Though I had a very glamorous role, the audience loved it. Which brings me to the fact that if one is glamorous and attractive, it means you can't do a substantial role. That is one thing I can never fathom about this industry.

You get a meaty role only when you are ordinary looking, and I can never understand this. And that's why the audience's appreciation to my glamorous role in JBJ really meant a lot to me.

Your French accent clicked, Bobby's simplicity clicked, the songs clicked but JBJ did not clicked. Any regrets?

Everyone had put in his or her 100 per cent in the film. The hard work is there for everyone to see. Many reasons can be given if a film does not do well at the box office. If you keep analysing it, you can't progress. My only work is to entertain my audience with my forthcoming films.

There are rumours that you are taking a sabbatical?

(Laughs) No, not at all. Last year, I had signed only two films, Partner and JBJ. Right now, I am busy reading scripts and signing few of those. I can't talk much about my forthcoming films as I am taking baby steps.

You would also be a part of Big B's gang for his world tour concert. Tell us more.

Yes, and I am very excited. Amitji is one of my favourite Indian actors and the chance to work with him is very overwhelming for me. I am very excited. I have gone earlier with Aishwarya but never with Amit Ji. Abhishek will also be there.

Your personal life is also in the news these days.

I never comment about my personal life. People have never heard about it in the past and nor will they do so in future. I would like my personal life to remain personal


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