Monday, July 2, 2007

Kid Rock Follows John Daly at Buick Open

Kid Rock Follows John Daly at Buick Open

John Daly and Kid Rock did their best to make up for the lack of star power at the Buick Open.

Daly, finishing a season-best 16th Sunday, easily attracted the largest gallery with Tiger Woods not in the field at Warwick Hills for the first time since 2001.

His famous rapper-friend and host loved every minute of it.

Kid Rock rolled around the course on the passenger side of a mini-Buick golf cart, sipping beer from a plastic cup, slapping extended hands from fans and signing countless autographs.

He jumped out of the cart at the 14th green and stood among the crowd outside the ropes to cheer on Daly.

Kid Rock, a Romeo native whose real name is Robert Ritchie, said he has been friends with Daly for seven years, since he went to one of his concerts in Memphis, Tenn., and bought $4,000 in merchandise.

Until the final round of the Buick Open, Kid Rock hadn't seen Daly play not counting driving exhibitions in suburban Detroit.

"He hits off Coors Light cans at my house," he said.

Kid Rock said Daly drove up from Arkansas last week, accepting an invitation to spend time together while the 36-year-old country-rap-rock star records a new album about 15 miles south of Warwick Hills.

He cooked eggs and sausage to get Daly ready for his final round, then was in awe of the throng that followed him for 18 holes.

"He's a star," Kid Rock said. "Who's following the leaders? They're following John Daly because they can relate to him."

The fans seemed to relate well to Kid Rock, too, as he mingled on every hole while wearing sandals, camouflage cargo shorts, white T-shirt, dark shades and a porkpie hat.


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