Friday, July 6, 2007

I'd like to work for prostitutes: Manisha Koirala

I'd like to work for prostitutes: Manisha Koirala

After a gap of five years, actress Manisha Koirala is ready to resurface in Rajtesh Nayyar’s film Sirf. Her last film Ek Choti Si Love Story had failed to boost her sagging career. Sirf is Manisha’s yet another attempt to prove her worth in Bollywood.

Q: What is Sirf about?
A: It’s a film which has four-five parallel-running stories which would appeal to people of all classes. In Sirf, I play a married woman who is unhappy with her married life because her husband is too engrossed with his business and does not have time for her. She concludes that she is the unhappiest person on earth. But her notion is not true.

Q: How was the experience of working with Kay Kay Menon?
A: Kay Kay is an excellent and intelligent actor. I’m saying this from my heart, my work with him has been extremely rewarding.

Q: Why did you do this film when it is a multi-starrer?
A: This is the age of multi-starrer films and they make good movies. As for Sirf, I liked the story more than my character in the film.

Q: How much of your effort has gone into this film?
A: You have to work hard for every film. In Sirf, people will easily relate to my character. There are many occasions in life when we conclude that others are happier than us. But in reality, everyone has his share of hardships. The film depicts this.

Q: Why were you hardly seen in films after Paisa Vasool?
A: Post-Paisa Vasool, I realized that I had signed a lot of films which were proving to be a bane. After that I started looking for good stories rather than concentrating just on my character.

Q: Are you taking a three-year break from acting to help your brother Siddharth with his career?
A: Not at all. However, I will be away in Nepal for two months. I have an aunt there who runs Maiti Nepal, the biggest NGO for prostitutes in Asia. I’m interested in working for the organization. As for Siddharth, he is a good actor and does not need any help from me.

Q: You were supposed to make a film on prostitutes after you completed a course in film-making from New York.
A: Yes, I had wanted to make a film on prostitutes. At present, I have a few good subjects on hand. However, I have no idea when I will be able to make a film.

Q: Many films in the past have dealt with the subject of prostitutes. How different will be yours?
A: I feel most films on prostitutes have not touched the heart. I have met many prostitutes who have suffered a lot in life and I feel I would be able to portray their sentiments better on screen.

Q: You had once said that the era of Guru Dutt was the golden era in films…
A: Well, ask anyone and they would say the same. The freshness of the films that were made in the 60s is still intact. Not just the story, but the characters used to be so good. Gur Dutt always used to cast good actors in his films.

Q: Would you like to work in remakes of his films?
A: I do not believe in remakes. Originals always remain originals. Many producers have tried to copy films but have never succeeded. It is better that they don’t make such attempts.

Q: At any point of time, would you be interested in politics like your father?
A: (Laughs) No, never. I’m not interested in politics. -Rajnee Gupta


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