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Celebrities Showing their Body Tattoos

Celebrities Showing their Body Tattoos

In India, tattoos are frowned upon in the professional and matrimonial world. But when you’re a celebrity none of that matters. With every passing year celebrity tattoos are becoming more and more visible in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar got one because he missed his son and so did Arjun Rampal for his two daughters. We see celebs from the world of films and sport displaying their tattoos and body art on television or magazines. Gone are the days when tattoos were looked down on with contempt. Today they’re very much a part of the mainstream culture in Bollywood and Hollywood. Let’s meet the people who are an important part of making tattoos much more than a fad.

Sanjay Dutt

The bad ass of Bollywood Sanjay Dutt is a part of the tattoo brigade. Sanjay has a large tattoo of a lion etched onto his arm.

Valorous as it may be, the tattoo becomes a headache for his makeup man who sometimes spends more than two hours in concealing his body art.

50 Cent

The gangsta rapper displays his tattoos in their full glory in music videos as he performs without a shirt. 50 Cent has a tattoo of the number 50 inscribed on his back, this is along with his neighborhood Southside and Cold World.

The rapper reasons that the tattoos represent where he’s from. Another tattoo that can be seen on his bicep is of a Marquise with an axe. He explains that though the axe signifies his warrior spirit, he wouldn’t want his son to get something like that.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is another action star to have got himself a tattoo. Unlike Sanjay’s tattoo which symbolizes bravery, Akshay’s tattoo is sentimental in nature.

The tattoo is in the name of his son Aarav. The dad got this done when he began missing his son’s presence.

Britney Spears

The princess of teen pop who began with a squeaky clean image, but as her career progressed she started sprouting tattoos all over her body. This was all part of Britney’s transformation, she has a tattoo of a fairy on her waistline and a tattoo of a cross below her belly to name a few.

Her other tattoos are located on her foot, wrist and the back of her neck. Britney’s most notorious tattoo is the one she got after she shaved her head. The spectacle drove the paparazzi into frenzy.

Raveena Tandon

The ‘Mast Mast’ girl was one of the first actresses bold enough to get a tattoo. In fact this would make her the unlikely trendsetter in a way.

The tattoo is located close to her shoulder, it bears the mark of her zodiac sign; the scorpion.

Johnny Depp

The classy actor has had a romance with body art that has lasted more than two decades. Johnny sports his tattoos for sentimental reasons, he has tattoos of people and places that he values.

Of the 11 ‘visible’ tattoos on his body, there is an engraved heart with the words ‘Betty Sue’ that honors his mother. Another tattoo over his heart has the words Lily Rose inscribed in ornate lettering; this one is in the name of his daughter. A tattoo of a bird in flight on his right forearm is in the name of his son and popular onscreen character Jack.

Esha Deol

Esha chose the occasion of buddy Zayed Khan’s film function to display the tattoo she’s been wanting for a long time. The actress got the Gayatri Mantra inscribed on the back of her right shoulder.

The actress stated that her devotion was the cause for choosing the tattoo. Thankfully for Esha the moral police wasn’t watching television when she unveiled her tattoo.

Angelina Jolie

Among the female celebrities, Angelina has to be the one on top of the list. Of course her list of tattoos continues to grow this includes a large thai tattoo of a tiger on her lower back. Her tattoos are a reflection of her personality, exotic and with more than just a hint of dangerous sensuality.

Angelina has made the tribal dragon one of the most popular tattoos for women. She manages to combine her wild streak with elegance, perhaps that’s what attracted Brad...

Arjun Rampal

Arjun is yet another person in the list of doting parents to have the names of their tots inscribed on their bodies.

The actor has the names of his tots Mahika and Myra on the insides of his forearms.

Lindsay Lohan

The ‘Mean Girls’ star seems to have just began her tattooing career. She got herself a tattoo on her lower-back that says ‘La Bella Vita’ which means Life is Beautiful… we wonder she was referring to the film?

She also has a tattoo ‘Breathe’ which is inked in white, it’s said that is a John Lennon tribute. And strangely she’s also got herself a reddish tattoo on the back of her neck with a “?” mark. Well, thinking about the motivation behind that tattoo just leaves us full of question marks./left]

Aftab Shivdasani

Aftab bears two tattoos. The first one is of four Gods located on his right arm. The second one is the Japanese inscription ‘the rising sun’ found on his left arm.

The actor reasons, the second one refers to the literal translation of his name.

Vin Diesel

Hollywood’s tough guy Vin Diesel has tattoos covering his shoulders and back. One of Vin’s muscular arms is covered by edgy barbed wire.

The other sees a blazing sun with an eye in the centre, the rest of that arm has some tribal markings over it. Some pretty cool stuff we say!

Pamela Anderson

Amusingly true, Pamela had tattooed the name of her husband Tommy Lee on her finger. But after their split she changed Tommy to Mommy.

Further more, Pamela believes tattoos have a story to tell it makes you wonder what story hers’ conveys. If there’s a lesson in this, it’s that you’re better off tattooing the names of your children - at least they’ll stick around!

Janis Joplin

Along with being the greatest female rock singer of her decades, Janis also helped ignite the tattoo revolution in the 1960’s. Her iconic status allowed tattoos to be more acceptable among the youth.

Her body decoration includes a wristlet and a small heart on her left breast.


To know all about Eminem’s life, you don’t need to read his biography, all you have to do is look at the tattoos he sports. Eminem has the letter ‘D’ tattooed on his right forearm coupled with the number ‘12’on the accompanying arm.

When you join both arms together you have D12 which is a part of hip hop group he’s in. On his right upper arm, he has his stage name. On the same arm is the picture of his daughter Halie smiling. Eminem’s disturbing tattoos include the letters ‘Slit me’ on his wrist, which refers to his suicidal tendencies. Another one reads ‘rot in pieces’ (RIP), this is solely dedicated to his ex-wife Kim. As troubling as they may be Eminem isn’t afraid to bear this side of his.

Elijah Woods

Elijah’s tattoo was supposed to be a top secret, but the actor accidentally spilled his guts on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he showed it off. The tattoo was the letter ‘nine’ written in Elvish positioned on his hip. He got it along with his eight co-stars during the filming of Lord of The Rings.

The tattoo was symbolic of the masterpiece they were all a part of. After Elijah spilled the beans his co-stars Billy Boyd and Orlando Bloom expressed their disappointment.

David Beckham

Another sentimental tattooist is footballer David Beckham. David Beckham has the names of his three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz tattooed on his back.

To watch over all of them there’s also a guardian angel. David reasons that it makes him feel that his son’s are with him even when away from home.

Anna Kournikova

Anna got herself a tattoo of the sun on the lower back. The tennis player then attempted to have it covered during her matches by concealing it with a tape.

But a slip up during one of her matches sent photographers into a clicking frenzy. Luckily for her, the sports authorities didn’t mind the young Russian’s body art stating that it was a personal choice.

Robbie Williams

The bad boy of pop has a strange sense of humor which rubs off on his tattoos. Robbie sports a large tattoo of a lion on his shoulder along with Born to Be Mild written underneath.

Along with the many tattoos he sports another worthy of mention is his carnal homage to John Lennon which can be found on his lower back.

Drew Barrymore

The array of tattoos Drew Barrymore possesses displays the actress’ wild streak.

With tattoos of a cross on her ankle, a butterfly under her belly button, angels on her back, a blue moon with smile and star on her right foot and flowers on the inside of her left hip bone - all these works of body art together tell the tale of this little rebel.


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