Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Call me the female Schumacher

'Call me the female Michael Schumacher'

After duds like Just Married, Ankahee, and Pyare Mohan, Esha Deol is hoping to 'cash' in on her latest action moviw with Ajay Devgan, Riteish Deshmukh, Zayed Khan, Shamita Shetty and Dia Mirza.

Directed by Anubhav Sinha, Cash opens this Friday, and will see Esha in a full-length action role for the first time.

The actress chats with Narendra Singh about her latest film.

Judging by the promos, it seems you have done lots of action in Cash.

You can call me the female Michael Schumacher. It's an adventurous role and I am sure a lot of girls must be dreaming about this role. We had to shoot in Cape Town, as you can't drive at full speed in the streets of Mumbai.

I went for motor training classes and got a chance to drive cars at full speed, proving that boys aren't the only ones who can drive fast! After watching the film, a lot of girls may try to do the stunts. But I'd advice them to be safe.

You also did an uncut song for the film.

Yes, we did a song for the film, which was more of a promotional thing, in one take. It's the dream of every actor and dancer to perform a song in one take and I would like to thank director Anubhav and choreographer Rajeev, who gave me this opportunity.

Doing this song was difficult, as there were many corridors in the song, which were very confusing. If you were to take few rounds of it, I am sure you would have fallen off (laughs). We have given our best shot for the song. I sure it will rock in days to come.

The title of the film is Cash. How obsessed are you with it?

Money is definitely important for me. But again, it should not lead to an obsession. I am okay with whatever amount God gives or whatever amount destiny has earmarked for me. There is no need to be greedy.

How do you manage your finances?

I am very bad with my finances. I only know how to dance and act. My mom takes care of my finances.

Tell us about the story.

Cash is about a chase and has this element of speed in it. I can't divulge much about the film, as Anubhav might feel bad. The film is a surprise package in itself. I can say this with full confidence that adults as well as kids will enjoy the film equally.

Who are you paired with?

My character, for a major part of the film, is linked with both Riteish and Zayed. In the end, I have to settle for one of them.

A major part of the film was shot in Cape Town. How was the experience?

We shot there for almost 60 days. The weather was cold and windy. We had to wear woollen clothes.

Cape Town has been pretty lucky for you.

Yes, I was here before for the shoot of No Entry, which became a super-duper hit. When I went there for Cash, I knew the city pretty well.

And yes, it a very 'safe' town. The city offers you many opportunities to indulge yourself in. Someday, I would like to buy a house in Cape Town, on a beach.

The look of the film has been inspired form Japanese manga comics.

If you have ever played a play station, you will realise that all the characters have been inspired from video games. Even the looks of the characters are the same.

My look in the film is similar to that of a Mohawk. God has given me an excellent forehead and through this role, I have got ample opportunity to display it.

Did you have a harrowing time in Cape Town because of Ajyay Devgan's pranks?

This is my fourth film with Ajay and whenever he indulges in a prank, he is not alone. I assist him. We have played pranks together on so many people.

I guess your association with Anubhav Sinha has hit off really well.

I did not get enough opportunity to showcase my skills in Dus, but Cash has worked out really well. Our tuning is good and I feel I fit the role to a T.


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