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Marry Salman? What nonsense: Katrina Kaif

Marry Salman? What nonsense: Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is sick of rumours that she is marrying Salman Khan this month. In a chat withTWF correspondent Vickey Lalwani, she emphatically rules out marriage in near future, talks about her forthcoming films, and more.

Your performance has been appreciated in ‘Namastey London’...
Yeah. I am very happy. I have been around for quite some time now and I have really worked very hard. I am reaping the fruits now, I guess. I wouldn't say that I expected this to happen. What worked in the film's favour is that Vipul just stuck to the story in a very linear fashion and did not complicate it.

Have film-makers started taking you seriously now as an actress?
Yes, the perception of the people towards me has changed. It was very necessary for me to have a film like ‘Namastey London’. It has made my life a lot easier. My next aim is to take more steps like this in the forward direction.

Let's talk about ‘Apne’.
I signed ‘Apne’ nearly two years back. Anil Sharma had to do a lot of spade work before he started the film. That's why it took some time. I have seen Sharma's earlier films and I always wanted to work with him.

Were you intimidated by the Deols?
Not really. Dharamji is a very warm person. He is like family. Bobby has become a friend. I play a physician in the family.

I had lot of fun wearing the boxing gloves whenever the director called 'Cut' and Bobby and I used to have a fake fight (laughs). But with Sunny, it did take me some time to break the ice. He is one who generally keeps to himself.

How do you feel when you hear that Salman is recommending you to film-makers?
I am working very hard. Nobody can do anything for you in this industry. I can understand if people said this in my early days, but I think now people should stop circulating false stories.

Its' also said that you call up for Salman's intervention if and when you have problems while you're shooting?
Bullshit. Fabrication of the highest order. Not that I take it seriously but people should stop talking nonsense. It's unfortunate that there are some people in this industry who just want to bring you down for no rhyme or reason.

What about your personal life? Everybody says that you are marrying Salman this month...
(Interrupts) I can't stop people from writing what they have decided to. Many actors are not accessible but I am. Why don't people call me up before writing things which are not true. All this is nonsense. I am working. I am happy.

Few days back, 500 people gathered outside Salman's residence thinking that he was marrying you that day?
Sometimes, people get carried away in excitement.

Do you believe in the institution of marriage?
I think that everybody does.

Have you and Salman discussed marriage?
Let's talk something else.

Have you had a fall-out with Ram Gopal Varma? He dropped you from his version of ‘Sholay’ and you not doing ‘Sarkar 2’ either...
(Interrupts) No. in fact, Ramu is one of my very good friends and we have stayed in touch after ‘Sarkar’. We are beyond petty things. ‘Sarkar 2’ was always meant to be with the Bachchans.

As for his version of ‘Sholay’, I could not do it because of dates problem; He was actually supposed to start the film earlier but it got delayed due to many reasons.

What else is in your kitty besides ‘Apne’?
David Dhawan’s ‘Partner’, Aneez Bazmee’s ‘Welcome’, Saif Mustan’s ‘Race’ and Subhash Ghai’s untitled next.


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