Saturday, June 23, 2007

John won't Let Go of Bipasha Basu!

John won't Let Go of Bipasha Basu!

Reports of a widening rift between Bipasha and John have had a wounding impact on John.

The actor who's currently shooting in Pondicherry for Nagesh Kukunoor's Aashayen was unaware of the developments back home and the talk of the serious rift with Bipasha that's blowing across Mumbaiā€¦until very recently.

"That's when it dawned on him that someone or some people are definitely trying to create problems between him and Bipasha. He's now seriously worried because Bipasha is the finest woman he has ever met.

Forget about leaving her, John wouldn't do anything to hurt her," a close friend of John phoned to speak on the star's behalf.

Reacting angrily to the link-up stories, John's friend says, "Vidya Balan and then Sheetal Menonā€¦please! John hardly knows this Sheetal woman. They've braely met half a time. The last thing John wants is to endanger his relationship with Bipasha to play the stud. Who's spreading these ugly rumours?"

According to John's friend these efforts to harm his relationship with Bipasha are deliberate. "Somebody or some people are spreading these rumours for their own gains.

And it's so easy to see who's been calling up the media left right and center to plant stories about Bipasha moving away from John and drifting into another relationship.

John hasn't made one attempt to have his say. So far he believes his love for Bipasha, and vice versa, is strong enough to withstand these vicious attacks of their relationship. But he won't keep quiet for too long," says the friend.

In fact the actor is supposed to be joined by Bipasha in Pondicherry very shortly.

"If these rumours have influenced Bipasha in any way then John will fly back from his shooting to make sure nothing and no one comes between him and his love. He won't lose Bipasha at any cost," warns the friend.


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