Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jennifer Aniston’s Man’s Cocaine Days With Kate Moss

Jennifer Aniston’s Man’s Cocaine Days With Kate Moss

Jennifer Aniston’s new man is already making headlines for his alleged past indiscretions. Less than a week after People magazine revealed the details on Jennifer’s new British model boyfriend, Paul Sculfor, News of the World has a source who claims that Paul was so addicted to cocaine that he used to spend $900 a day on his sniffing habit.

A source for the British news agency said that Sculfor was joined by fellow British supermodel, Kate Moss, during his cocaine partying days and that once the two of them even got high before a meeting with South Africa’s Nelson Mandela while on a trip to the country for a fashion show.

The insider stated, “As Mandela was inviting guests into his house, Kate nipped into a toilet and started doing cocaine. I remember Paul telling me, ‘We were totally wrecked. Kate and I were so off our heads we couldn’t remember what we said to Nelson Mandela. And we couldn’t stop laughing about it’.”

At the present, Sculfor is thought to be clean from the drug, but it wasn’t easy. To kick his habit, Paul checked into The Priory Clinic in Southgate, north London, at the beginning of 2004.

“Most people attend a 28-day program, but he needed six months to get sorted. He had a rich friend to pay for it. Afterwards he went to Cocaine Anonymous every day. He’s still a regular and meditates every day to try to stay clean,” the source said.

Making things even worse, drugs are said to be just one of Sculfor’s many “problems”. Rumors emanating from his circle of “friends” claim Sculfor to be a womanizer and a control freak.

One of these “friends” went as far as saying, “Jennifer should get out while she can. If he can behave like that, what kind of person is he?”

Nonetheless, Miss Aniston is still said to be smitten over her new beau… hopefully all of this doesn’t come back to haunt her in the end.


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