Friday, July 18, 2008

Pamela Anderson’s Aussie KFC Protest

Pamela Anderson’s Aussie KFC Protest

She's a well-known supporter of animal rights activist group PETA. And earlier today, Pamela Anderson took a stand for chickens worldwide.

The former Baywatch babe was spotted at a KFC Restaurant in the Southport area of Queensland, Australia as she hand-delivered a signed letter of protest about the treatment of chickens by the KFC company on behalf of PETA.

She told press, "I've been in Australia filming Big Brother House, in which my housemates and I are confined and sealed off from the outside world, much like the chickens who are crammed inside barns for KFC."

She continued, "Fortunately, I won't be stomped to death, have my legs broken or be scalded to death in a tank of hot water, yet as PETA's undercover videos have revealed, the chickens raised for KFC's restaurants in Australia often suffer these abuses."

One small problem - KFC is one of the major sponsors of the Aussie Big Brother show on which Pammie has been guest starring. Whoopsie Daisy!

Enjoy the pictures of Pamela Anderson out protesting KFC (July 10).


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