Monday, July 21, 2008

Miley Cyrus grows up and away from Hannah Montana

When you're being hailed as possibly the best player in all of tennis, you deserve a little pampering. And Rafael Nadal was once again spotted relaxing in the Mallorca sun over the weekend, along with his sweetie.

The Wimbledon champion looked to be having a grand time as he chilled out on the Manacor sand with girlfriend Maria Francisa Perello and a few friends.

And it sounds like the tennis stud may be giving a whole new meaning to the popular celebrity phrase 'star power.' It seems he has an asteroid named after him.

That's right, asteroid '128036' has been renamed Rafael Nadal. The 4-kilometer-in-diameter planetoid is located between Mars and Jupiter and travels through space at a speed of 20km per second.



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