Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lindsay Lohan’s Dress: Gone with the Wind

Lindsay Lohan’s Dress: Gone with the Wind

With all of the different clothes she's been wearing on the set of her new movie, it's no wonder Lindsay Lohan finally ran into a wardrobe malfunction yesterday (July 14).

The "Mean Girls" actress was victimized by a strong gust of wind that grabbed ahold of her dress and blew it up - causing a Marilyn Monroe-esque photo-op during a break from filming "Labor Pains".

And it seems the crimson-haired cutie may have an unplanned family reunion in the works - her could-be half-sister Ashley Kaufmann has told press that she'd love to meet her famous siblings, just not her infamous father.

Kaufmann told press, "I would love to meet my siblings, I'd love that, but not with him. It's just weird knowing I have brothers and sisters who don't even know that I exist."

Enjoy the pictures of Lindsay Lohan on the set of "Labor Pains" (July 14).


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