Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jennifer Ellison will strip in next film ‘if role is big enough’

London, July 19 (ANI): English actress Jennifer Ellison revealed that she would be happy to strip naked for her next movie, if the role she has to play is big enough.

Ellison, 25, though has stated that she would not go for an all-nude role.

“If it was a big movie then I might go nude, yeah. I wouldn’t refuse to do a sex scene or nude scene,” Daily Star quoted her as saying.

“If I was given a script where all I did was nude stuff I’d probably say no. But if it looked like a good film and I was happy with my character, then I’d certainly consider doing a sex scene.

“Who knows what you’ll get to see of me in movies in the future!” she said.

The ex-Brookside babe has also admitted that she would not mind doing a girl-on-girl action with a string of hot celeb babes if she was given the chance.

“If I had to kiss another woman, I’d do it somewhere with no cameras and I’d go for Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra,” she said.

“They’re dead sexy. If Carmen Electra wanted to mud-wrestle with me, I’d say yes.

“My ideal female co-star would be Julia Roberts. I think she’s amazing in Pretty Woman and really sexy.

“I’d love to sing a duet with Madonna but I might start necking her. I would as well!” she added. (ANI)



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