Thursday, June 12, 2008

Taylor Swift’s CMA Close Up

Taylor Swift’s CMA Close Up

It's a big weekend in Nashville, with the CMA Music Festival just underway. And in the middle of all the hoopla is none other than Taylor Swift.

The award-winning country music newcomer was at the historic Ryman Auditorium last night for the CMA Celebrity Close Up series, and despite her young age, she held her own.

Taylor wore a conservative-yet-sexy little black dress along with the requisite pair of black leather cowboy boots as she interacted with the crowd, and even got on her knees to dance with a young fan.

And tomorrow, she'll have a busy day ahead of her, as she's committed to spending a full six hours doing meet and greets and signing autographs. She told press, "It's been drastic to deal with the numbers of fans who want an autograph now, but I tell myself not to ever let it become a burden. Fans are the only reason why I'm here. I have zero record sales without them. I have zero songs on the radio without them. Without the fans I'm nothing, so why not give back?"

Miss Swift also commented on the welcome influx of fame, which is much different from her debut at the CMA Fest just a few years earlier. "I came to CMA Music Fest three years ago and nobody knew who I was. That first year, when people would come up to me and ask for my autograph, it felt so good, and I was so excited. That was a big deal to me."

Enjoy the pictures of Taylor Swift at the CMA Celebrity Close Up (June 5).


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