Monday, June 16, 2008

Ashlee Simpson: Sexy Mommy-to-Be

Ashlee Simpson: Sexy Mommy-to-Be

While she was very cautious about announcing her pregnancy too soon, Ashlee Simpson has since begun to embrace her status as mommy-to-be… and she's not afraid to get a little bit sexy!

The "Little Miss Obsessive" newlywed was spotted out and about in Hollywood, California yesterday sporting a very revealing long brown dress that showed off her new 'pregnancy curves.'

And as she casually waved to the swarming paparazzi, it was clear that Mrs. Wentz was enjoying the new body that being preggers has afforded her.

But despite her 'with child' status (now in her fourth month) Ashlee was hard at work, coming from a meeting at Ren Mar studios. She's due to give birth this fall.

Enjoy the pictures of Ashlee Simpson out in Hollywood (June 10).


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