Friday, January 11, 2008

Mariah Carey's Caribbean Getaway

Mariah Carey's Caribbean Getaway

Among the countless celebs beating the cold with a trip to the Caribbean, Mariah Carey was spotted out on Friday leaving Le Select restaurant in St Barts. Joining the likes of Nicollette Sheridan and Kelly Brook, who also happen to be relaxing in the winter haven, Miss Carey was all done up for the outing - dressed in a revealing denim mini skirt and high heeled shoes. According to a source on the scene, after grabbing a bite to eat, "Mariah walked with her entourage and fed her hungry puppy some of her hamburger before going for a lunchtime cruise on a waiting boat." Meanwhile, the Daydream singer recently responded to being dubbed the "ultimate diva," arguing that she "sings well" like a diva, but doesn't have any attitude problems. Carey said: "I've never done a diva-ish thing in my life. The definition of a diva is a woman who sings well, the second definition is a woman who's difficult to deal with. I hope I'm the first but I don't think I'm the second."


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