Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kate Hudson Cozies Up With Matthew McConaughey

Kate Hudson Cozies Up With Matthew McConaughey

While they’re not a “real” couple, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey sure look convincing enough! They were spotted yesterday on a photo shoot in Santa Monica, California looking pretty darn happy together.

The “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” co-stars are teaming up once again to bring us “Fool’s Gold,” a film about a treasure hunting married couple that spends 8 years and their life savings trying to find riches.

And throughout the duration of their professional relationship, Kate and Matthew have developed an oddly charming friendship that seems to work for them. In a recent interview, the two stars talked candidly about the nature of their coexistence.

Kate confessed, “We’ve never had any kind of relationship romantically and there’s an element of that you can feel when we’re working together.” Matthew clarified, “We’re always courting. It’s a constant flirting courtship, which keeps it really alive. We never dated. But we can still be attracted. We work well and we fight well. We’re a perfect pain in each other’s asses.”

Kate commented to Matthew, “I’ve seen you brush your teeth in the morning. I know what your body odor smells like. I can smell you from five blocks away. I know all your different style kisses. And I know all your different style hugs. If I were walking down a street and some guy came up and slapped my ass, if it were you, I would know it was you.” To which Matthew replied, “If I were blindfolded and told to walk over and slap 10 asses, I would know which one was your ass.”


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